Cheers to the holiday season…

Everyone is always looking for a great holiday drink. Here’s one that is simple and festive!
I was given a bottle of homemade cranberry vodka for Christmas from a dear friend. Attached to the bottle was the recipe for Cranberry Cosmopolitans. This recipe makes enough for 2 drinks, but you can double or triple the recipe if you’re making it for a crowd.
I had to go to the liquor store to buy the Cointreau, and found that there are many cranberry vodkas out there. If you’re not lucky enough to have homemade cranberry vodka, just make sure that you buy one that is actually red. It makes the drink look more festive!

Cranberry Cosmopolitan

Cranberry Cosmopolitan


1/2 Cup Cranberry Vodka
1/4 Cup Cointreau
2 Tbsp Lime juice
Crushed Ice


1. Mix all of the ingredients with 1 cup crushed ice. (I clearly don’t have a cocktail shaker..but a regular glass and spoon works just fine!)
Mixing the drink
2. Strain into martini glasses. Garnish with a lime and fresh cranberries.

Cheers Everyone!

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