Time to reflect…

As I was posting my latest entry, I took a look at the amount of “hits” on my blog. I reached the 20,000+ mark today!! It’s hard to believe that I started this blog in November and it’s still growing strong!

I read a lot about food blogs before I started doing this. So many of the websites said that you need a theme and tag line to stay focused. I didn’t want to feel obligated to stay within one theme. This blog is first and foremost for me. It’s a way to organize my recipes… it’s a way to share my recipes.. and it’s a way to find great products to share with others. Although I try to post 1-2 times each week, I thankfully don’t get upset if I don’t have time to post anything. This is the beauty of being in charge of my own blog.

I also want to thank everyone that I work with. They’re brutally honest and truly let me know if something is worth making again. I’m also grateful that the break-room at work always welcomes all of my treats and goodies…. otherwise I’d surely end up eating more than I should!

I’m not sure what direction this blog will take me. I know that right now it makes me very happy and I’ll keep posting for a very long time!

Feel free to request recipes, share your thoughts, and ask questions.

Thank you for following the blog!

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  1. Brenda says:

    Follow your passion ! Congrats on 20k!!!

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