My new favorite thing…

I love coffee! Right now I own a coffee maker that grinds & brews whole coffee beans or can use ground coffee beans. I really like it, but I hate wasting coffee. It’s difficult to brew one cup of coffee with a coffee maker that’s meant to brew 12 cups! I’ve thought a lot about getting a Keurig, but I really hate the idea of throwing away countless K-cups every week.

Recently, my problem was solved! I found “The Scoop Single-Cup Coffee Maker” by Hamilton Beach.

This coffee maker does not use Pods, K-cups, etc. The only waste is the used coffee grounds. I really like this coffee maker because I can use whatever kind of coffee that I have on hand. I like knowing that my coffee is fresh, not stale, or sitting in a box for months and months. The coffee maker is easy to use, too! Just add desired amount of water, a scoop of your favorite coffee and press the “on” button. The coffee is super hot and the machine automatically shuts off when it’s done.

There is also an adjustable tray so that you can brew directly into your favorite cup or travel mug.

On the days when I use my original coffee maker, I’ve found some ways to use the leftover coffee so that I never have to throw it away.

1. Substitute equal amounts of coffee wherever water is required in cookie or brownie box mixes.

2. Make iced coffee…. I know… that was an obvious one!

3. Pour leftover coffee into ice cube trays. Whenever you make iced coffee, use these coffee cubes and you’ll never have watered down iced coffee again!

A good friend knows how you take your coffee, a great friend adds booze!

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  1. Bryan says:

    Lily Pad, couldn’t agree more. Love Keurig, hate the cost and waste of K-Cups. I’ve never understood the logic behind it. Now I can buy fresh coffee, grind it and have my own cup.

    I’m kicking the Keurig to the curb, running out and buying this bad boy. Black Friday sale?

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